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Common Sense was born of Kelsey Ramage's need to create beautiful, well designed cocktails using  locally sourced, thought out ingredients and recipes that are simple, easy to replicate techniques using everyday common sense. Coming off the back of the Trash Tiki tour, she found a need for more classically based drinks that stretched beyond Tiki and Punk, with more time to devote to making simple recipes that can be made at home. 

After travelling the world through 2017 the need for the anti-waste message extended beyond craft cocktail bars and to the home bartender, and even seeping into other parts of daily life, and reducing environmental impact became a lifestyle that could be shared through Common Sense. The single-use plastics conversation extended beyond the straws in drinks and into everyday life. Hence, Common Sense Lifestyle will look into ways of reducing daily single use plastics, by making simple changes to everyday habits to make a better impact on our evironment. 

Common Sense won't just be about making cocktails, but extend into lifestyle, design, travel, food, and events all shared here through our website when it's fully launched. 

This will all get started with a series of cocktail paired brunches with food curated from 'ugly' fruit and second produce to evenings of drinks in cocktail bars. Check our events link above to find a city near you.